INUEN makes it easy to become a nutritionist and health coach with the expertise of Payal Kothari, the founder of INUEN.

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This course, designed by the expert, makes you qualified enough to become an expert as a Health and Wellness coach. With her collection of certificates, Payal is a highly renowned integrative nutritionist, transformation master and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NPL) trainer. Her work has been featured in quite a few of the top magazines, tabloids and newspapers across India, where she speaks about various health-related subjects like weight loss, nutrition, mental wellness, healthy recipes, health myths to bust, transformations and what not… these form a collection of over 200 articles.

An expert in the field of Integrative nutrition and health coaching, Payal holds the titles of a clinical nutritionist, an NLP trainer, a caring philanthropist at BalAsha Trust, and most importantly a dog mom, a wife, and a mother of two beautiful kids. She has been active in the field of nutrition since the age of 14 and has had 200 self-written articles featured in India’s most prestigious tabloids and magazines like Economic Times, Hindustan Times, vogue, ET Panache and other national press. Her work in the field of nutrition, mental wellness, 90 kgs weight loss transformations (Mumbai Mirror) and gut health is extremely noteworthy and has therefore been picked up by these esteemed publications.