Frequently Asked Questions
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Become a Health, Life, or Nutrition Coach, further your wellness education and grow your business with one of the top-rated coaching schools in mumbai.
In INUEN's Health Coach Training Program, what will I learn?
What is the Health Coach Training Program's format?
What distinguishes INUEN from other health coaching programmes?
After graduating from Health & Wellness Business School, am I certified?
What can I do with my credentials as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?
Is there anything I need to do before I can participate in the Health Coach Training Program?
What is the difference between a Dietitian and Health Coach?
Tell me more about your programme - what it entails, and what I'll learn from it.
What is the content of the curriculum?
What is the cost of INUEN at the Institute?
Will people respect me as a Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach?
Is the Institute for INUEN a recognised institution?
Why should I attend INUEN when I could attend another programme for less money?
What is the name of my teacher?
What are the prerequisites for enrolment?
In what ways does INUEN contribute to the greater good?