INUEN Health Coach Training Program Curriculum

Ready to turn your passion for health and wellness into a lucrative and fulfilling career helping others? Find out how our innovative online coaching program curriculum, world-class instructors, and comprehensive student resources can give you everything you need to change your life and be successful.

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Online nutrition certification course
Transform your health and lifestyle by pursuing an Online education, that empowers you to build financially fruitful career choices across all genres of your choice.
Be a nutritionist, health coach, consultant, health blogger, influencer, work besides a doctor, at an organization, at a school as a nutritionist, as a health chef, create healthy products, be a healthy homemaker. You can be anything you choose.

Your Online INUEN Nutritionist and Health Coaching Certificate

Empowers you not only with nutritive knowledge but also become a certified LIFE, HEALTH & WELLNESS coach and an authority on health! Earn your certificate under an expert Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Clinical Nutritionist, commander in chief of 2 beautiful kids, philanthropist and transformation master Payal Kothari. She has been active in the field of nutrition since the age of 14 and has been featured prominently in Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Vogue, ET Panache and other national press for her work in the field of nutrition, mental wellness and Gut Health.

Be a part of a Wellness movement that's Changing the Way the World Heals & Rejoices:
India has a double burden of obesity and malnutrition today. Sedentary lifestyle & gadgets have reduced the culture of outdoor activities. Adults and children these days indulge more in indoor games like play station, video games, social media and serial binge watching. Instead of a good home cooked healthy yet yummy traditional nourished diet, the culture of Junk food has taken over by storm. It also is comfort eating due to unmanaged stress. We at INUEN nutritionists and health coaches are aggregators, influencers of good health not just for you but also for your family and friends. Come, join us & be a part of the health resolution, get empowered and empower others to take an active role in health care.

Become a Nutritionist/Health Coach/Entrepreneur in Just sixteen weeks/four Months:
Transform yourself with a training and certification that will empower you and open up career choices like a nutrition advisor, health coach, corporate nutritionist, work alongside a doctor, a hospital or a consultant with your very own private practice making a real-life change in and for the health and nutrition industry.

Meet our expert faculty

We work with the best names in the industry. Our expert faculty command 100+ years of collective experience helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals. The expert faculty at INUEN help us offer the best cutting-edge digital education program.

Meet your coach

Payal Kothari’s work is regularly recognized and featured in the mainstream print and digital media. Being published from Vogue, Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror, interviews in ET NOW, articles in Times of India, Mint Lounge, Miss Malini to over 250 articles published and still counting. Payal is the go-to person for gut wellness, weight-loss and integrative nutrition. The featured articles, and popularity of the program speaks for its success and effectiveness.

INUEN Nutrition school, Nutrition school, Nutrition school India, Online nutrition school, Nutritionist course India, Integrative nutrition

Our Holistic Course Structure

Nutritionist and Health coaching

Join the global movement & be an INUEN certified nutritionist and health coach and driving people towards weight loss, diseases management and a healthier, happier and wiser selves.
With an investment of just 4 months/16 weeks at a modest amount you will find the answer to how you can also become part of the nutrition school for life and be awarded with a certification.

The course will be delivered in the following manner

Lectures are delivered via videos that have been uploaded for you on every Monday of each week, to access according to your convenience from anywhere and the course period is pretty short and created to benefit you maximum. Modules giving an in-depth knowledge of what is nutrition, the body anatomy, macronutrients and micronutrients, gut health, all about hormones, helping clients with diseases and mental wellness, how dietary theories vary from person to person, how to make a nutrition plan for yourself first then for clients, understanding your niche, how to schedule appointments, health history forms, branding, coaching calls, business strategy, marketing, blogging and much more.
From A-Z we will hand hold you to become a special most sort after health giver in just 16 weeks. You will be able to help what’s best for you and your client’s health and wellness. Moreover, as an added benefit, there will be modules speaking of various preparation techniques and recipes for cooking a healthy meal. We will help you through your passion to purpose.